Cattle Raising During a Dry Spell

Drought always takes its toll on agriculture, whether you’re growing crops or raising cattle. Not only will the intense heat rob cattle of their fodder, but also of their strength if they stay outside for longer than necessary. Despite drought conditions easing since 2008, Wyoming remains the fifth driest state in the country according to the Wyoming State Climate Office. If you’ll look at the state via Google Maps, you can see just how dry the vast expanse of land really is.

However, saying that it’s impossible to raise cattle under these conditions is like saying it’s impossible to grow greens in the desert. Early civilizations in the desert thrived despite arid conditions due in no small part to basic crop management practices and a bit of technology such as irrigation. Today, it’s all a matter of anticipating the drought any time by restocking on essentials such as forage and water for the livestock. You’ll also need to make some sacrifices such as reducing on grazing during the dry spell.

For the cowboy in search of ranches for sale, look for a ranch that has ample grass and water for the cattle to go around. Leaving enough grass allows it to grow back when the wet weather kicks in, giving the cattle more grass to feed on. In a dry state like Wyoming, agriculture is always possible, even in the toughest of times.


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