US Beef Industry Keeps Growing

When it comes to beef, only a few other types can compete with the appeal of top quality beef produced in the United States. In support of that claim, the US beef industry exported $5.51 billion on 1.13 million metric tons of beef to other countries, with Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea as the top US beef export markets. While these are already staggering amounts, analysts have claimed that the 2012 figures exceed 2011’s annuals by 2%; and 2013 is projected to see an increase as well.

In recent years, the US Beef export relations between the United States and the European Union (EU) have improved extensively. This is largely due to the 20 percent import tax relief the European Union imposed on the meat of non-hormone treated cattle that meets the grading requirements set. Previously, US beef in Europe was centered on only four countries; today, US beef can be found throughout the countries in the EU, with the US exporting 16,570 metric tons of beef into Europe.

The US beef industry is the largest contributor to the US agricultural sector With these figures and statistics in mind, purchasing ranch property with the purpose of establishing a beef ranch continues to be an attractive, profitable investment.

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