Tips on Breeding Cattle for Beginner Ranchers

It is no secret that purchasing ranch property is a great investment, especially with the way the US beef industry has been performing recently. In order to keep a cattle ranch profitable, sustainable cattle development through proper breeding techniques is important. As such, here are a few breeding tips for Oregon ranchers who would be taking their first few steps towards a profitable business.

When preparing for breeding season, many ranchers need to purchase a bull from a reliable outside source. As such, proper research on the different breeds of bulls available to you is important, especially when crossbreeding. Certain cattle breeds are more compatible than others; and knowing what combinations work can help breed cattle of superior quality.

When buying a bull for breeding, it is best to purchase a purebred bull if available, regardless of whether it will be used to breed purebred or crossbred calves. In addition, try to purchase a bull with strengths that can override the weaknesses of the breed of cattle you currently own.

After deciding on a breed, see if you can have a bull’s semen tested by a qualified veterinarian before purchasing it. Doing so prevents any breeding problems later on, as well as eliminating the risk of overpaying for a bull. In relation, always ask for the bull’s Expected Progeny Differences (EPD), an estimate of a bull’s genetic value as a parent; if a seller won’t allow you to test a bull or access its EPD before purchase, move on to another seller.


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