How to Get Good at Ranch Work

Ranching is one of America’s best-loved traditions. Working at a ranch is sure to conjure up images of the Wild West, grazing cattle, pastures, and cowboys. Despite these pleasurable images, make no mistake: ranch work involves many duties, is physically demanding, and requires long hours. If you think you’re up to the task, then here are some suggestions on how to get good at ranch work:

Gain plenty of experience working with animals.

Most ranches raise cattle and horses; but some run other types of livestock such as sheep and poultry, and even deer. It’s possible to learn about ranch animal care from local sale barns and veterinarians; but there’s no substitute to hiring the best ranch hands and learning from them directly.

Learn about farm machinery and how to operate it

Tractors are a regular sight in ranches, as are augers, balers, and rakes. Knowing how to operate and maintain these pieces of equipment will be extremely valuable to you as a ranch owner.

Be physically fit

Ranch work involves plenty of heavy lifting and other physical tasks. Few things compare to the satisfaction one can feel from actually getting your hands dirty, so it pays to exercise and workout to be good at the many tasks that ranch management requires.


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