Tips for the Newbie Rancher

There’s a stark difference between owning a ranch and running one, which is not unlike owning a car and actually knowing how to drive and maintain it. For those who are new to the ranching business and considering purchasing ranch land in Colorado, here are a few tips.

Learn from experience.

There is no such thing as a “prodigy” rancher; everything must be learned from scratch out of experience. By experience, this means not only your own but also the experience of other ranchers who have seen more and done more in the field. If you see thriving ranches around you, ask yourself “how are they succeeding?”

Get a handle of equipment and logistics.

While the livestock may be the core of your ranch, there are certainly a lot more you have to consider on top of them. Where will the animals graze? What kind of equipment do you need? What system are you going to follow? These are only a few of the pertinent questions for a rancher.

Work hard.

Successful ranchers are those who are working hard, and certainly not those who are hardly working. Most likely, you will be working with large animals in your ranch; and if you actually want to prosper, you’d have to put in a lot of sweat and effort to do it. Ranching is not for the lazy.

Ranching is a pursuit of passion and love for the simpler life. If you want to really succeed and feel fulfilled in this area, you have to get dirty and get stuff done.


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