Types of Dude Ranches You Can Start in Oregon

The goal of a dude ranch has remained mostly unchanged throughout the years: to create a family-friendly vacation destination that offers guests a chance to experience the Wild West lifestyle. However, there are many different types of dude ranches you can start after purchasing a ranch for sale in Oregon.

These are listed below, along with a short commentary on how the three types differ from each other:

Traditional Dude Ranch

At a traditional dude ranch, guests can expect to experience a good balance between “work” and “play”. Most traditional dude ranches offer guests a variety of lessons ranging from horseback riding to nature survival.

Working Dude Ranch

Most working dude ranches double as fully-operational sheep, horse, or cattle ranches—and this is what makes them unique. Guests will see and experience firsthand how ranching activities, such as herding, feeding, and cleaning stables, are done. As such, a working dude ranch tends to give guests a Wild West experience that is closest to the actual thing.

Resort Dude Ranch

More often than not, resort dude ranches offer more modern accommodations as well as a wider set of activities including horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and whitewater rafting. Moreover, many resort dude ranches offer amenities like pool tables and televisions. All of these factors make resort dude ranches seem more laid-back than working and traditional ranches, making them a popular vacation choice.


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