Tips for Buying Your First Cattle Herd

So you’ve decided to purchase a ranch and start your own beef cattle business. No matter what your end goals are, know that your animals rely on you to look out for their well-being. As a cattle owner, it is imperative that you know how to tend to your animal’s needs, including property selection, feeding, and caring. Consider these tips as you start your journey:

Prepare your ranch before you bring in your first herd. Cattle need grazing areas with a reliable perimeter fence. Aside from that, they’ll also need a sturdy pen or corral, clean loafing and eating areas, and a shelter that can protect them from extreme elements.

Purchase only healthy animals. Avoid buying cattle with swollen legs or joints, or have mucus coming from the nose, as these may indicate illness. Make sure their eyes are clear, bright, and free of discharge. Take note of how they breathe—it should be smooth and regular. Observe their stride as well; healthy cattle move with a free and easy stride.

After purchasing cattle, load and unload them in a calm and relaxed manner. Being transported from one location to another is stressful for a cattle, and plenty of noise and excitement can spell trouble when the time comes to unload them. Don’t let what cowboys do in the movies fool you: loading and unloading the animals quietly and patiently will make the job easier.


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