Becoming a Rancher: It’s All about Love

A rancher is a person who manages a large, open property that produces livestock for meat, milk, or fiber. A rancher who grows cattle will have to check all the cattle several times a week throughout the year. As you can see, the job isn’t that cut and dry.

Winter is when cows typically calve, so you’ll have to check them daily. You also have to put hay out regularly. In the spring and summer, herd-health measures, pasture maintenance, and hay cutting are just some of the chores you’ll need to do. You’ll have to continue work in the hayfield during autumn, which will eventually transition into planting winter forages. By November, you’ll have to start the cycle all over again.

Being a rancher involves plenty of work, so you have to make sure ranching is something you are passionate about. Ranchers put in really hard and long days on a regular basis, whether it’s building a fence, working with the livestock, sitting on a tractor, or any other tasks that the ranch demands. Yet, a true rancher would never consider these tasks as work, because he is doing something he loves.

So the question you need to ask yourself is: Are you ready to become a rancher?


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