Choosing a Landscape Designer for Your Ranch

After looking at a ranch for sale, you may already have some ideas brewing in your head on what to do with that expansive backyard. A good design plan can work wonders for a large ranch. Even if the overall landscape seems challenging, the key is to get the site plan right, placing emphasis on a layout that strikes the perfect balance between garden plantings, paved surfaces, and the lawn.

As you plan your ranch, try to make full use of the abundant space by adhering to the essential elements of design: balance, contrast, emphasis, variety, unity, proportion, rhythm, movement, pattern, and repetition. Don’t hesitate to consult a landscaping professional for help. Keep in mind that correcting a poorly delineated site plan can be heavy on the pocket, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

Aside from focusing on the site plan, be aware that large-scale landscape design also involves divvying up huge backyards into intimate outdoor spaces. Add to that, attention also needs to be given to a plant palette that offers vibrancy throughout the seasons, and the application of large woody species well-suited for large expanses.

With all the challenges of large-scale landscape design, you’ll need to choose your designer carefully. Look for someone with plenty of experience doing estate-sized landscaping projects and refer to previous clients to check on his or her skills.


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