Ranch Land Buying Considerations

Oregon is becoming one of the fastest growing areas in terms of agricultural real estate, and its beautiful lakes and rivers, diverse wildlife, and rolling hills are its main attractions. Plenty of large properties are available for sale, and among them you’ll find farm lands, luxury properties, ranches, and even hunting lands. If you’re looking for quality acreage in the state, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make sure the property has a water source.

You’re going to need water for any livestock or crop you plan on growing. You may even need it for your home. Without a good natural water source, you’re going to find it difficult to run your ranch, so make sure that a property has one before you purchase it.

Make sure the property has plenty of grass.

If you plan to grow livestock on the property, you’ll also need to make sure the property has plenty of grass. While you can certainly purchase hay and other feeds, it can be a significant cost saver if your property already has plenty of grass for your livestock to eat. The larger the number of livestock, the more important it is to have plenty of grass around.

Shelter is important.

It will be bad for your animals to always be under the sun, so make sure the property has a shelter for them, or have one built once you purchase it. Shelters are important for the animals especially in the hot summer season.

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