Ranches for Sale in Utah: Growing Cattle and How to Keep Them Grazing

So you’ve bought your first herd of cows and are now evaluating ranches for sale in Utah where you can grow them. Congratulations! Next comes the challenge of taking care of them, and one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face as a cattle producer is how to keep cows grazing. “Increasing the number of days your cows are grazing will help lower annual feed costs and improve profitability,” writes Greg Henderson, editorial director for Beef Today. To do this, Henderson offers the following tips:

Cows Grazing

Create a plan

Feed is the first and most important part of cattle care. Without feed, you can’t expect your cows to yield much in terms of production. “Whether your operation is large or small and it includes native or tame grass pastures, proper planning can increase forage utilization and help improve reproductive efficiency. First, range and forage specialists say, you should establish goals that meet the nutritional needs of the livestock from standing forage and harvest forage as efficiently as possible,” says Henderson.

Match cows to forage

To get the maximum benefit from cattle and forages, one must be matched to the other. This means high-producing animals must be fed high-quality forages while low-producing ones can be fed low quality feeds. In Utah, meeting cattle feeding needs usually means having both warm and cool season grasses. With both types growing on your ranch, you can keep cattle grazing most of the year.

Pasture management

“How you manage your pastures will also have an effect on how much you can reduce costs. That’s why many grazing specialists recommend you consider a management-intensive grazing (MIG) system. This type of grazing system can significantly increase forage utilization rates,” Henderson advises.

Additional tips

Cows should never go without water, so be sure they have constant access to it. Make sure that the water is clean. If they are on a rotational grazing schedule, it is necessary to switch paddocks every day, or as many times as necessary.

As you very well know, knowing how to keep cows grazing is only one aspect of cattle care, and is a consideration that won’t amount to much if you don’t have the right ranch for growing your animals. Quality Utah ranches for sale are available from trusted brokers like the ones at Mirr Ranch Group.

(Article Excerpt and Image from: “Keep Cows Grazing,” Beef Today, Dec. 7, 2013)


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