Turning Mountain Ranches for Sale in Colorado into Cozy Dude Ranches

One of the more profitable investment options for people looking at lovely Colorado ranches for sale is to start a dude ranch. In fact, this type of investment is heavily recommended by Entrepreneur Magazine:

Guest Ranch

Guest or dude ranches have become an extremely popular vacation destination for thousands of North Americans every year. While starting a guest ranch is a labor and capital intensive business undertaking, there are also numerous benefits, such as a rewarding lifestyle, great income potential, and strong consumer demand…

The profit potential will greatly vary as to the operating format of the ranch, and the services provided. However, current guest ranch accommodation rates start at $700 per week per person, and can go as high as $2,000 per week per person depending on the vacation package.

If you are interested in starting your own dude ranch, here are a few tips to help you plan and get the most out of your new business investment:

The Great Outdoors

Many Americans love dude ranches because these offer people a chance to experience what life was like during the golden age of the cowboys. With this in mind, try looking for ranch land with unparalleled natural scenery and rugged terrain. Luckily, many brokerages, such as The Mirr Ranch Group, offer many beautiful ranches for sale in Colorado that come with gorgeous views of the mountains and lakes or rivers.

Life Unplugged

When planning the amenities of your dude ranch, keep in mind that your guests are looking for a “cowboy experience” while on vacation. Try to avoid adding modern amenities such as cable television in the guest rooms (but do offer modern beddings and plumbing). This would encourage guests to truly immerse themselves in ranch activities and spend more time with family or friends. Additionally, take advantage of the natural surroundings and offer activities such as fishing, hiking, stargazing, and horseback riding. Hold bonfires and nature survival classes as well.

DRA Certification

Take note that every dude ranch is a guest ranch, but not every guest ranch is a dude ranch. To legally call your property a dude ranch, it must meet the standards of the Dude Ranch Association (DRA). It is not necessary to be accredited by the DRA, but being a member of the association can certainly help you attract customers.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Business Idea Center: Guest Ranch, Entrepreneur Magazine)


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