Choosing Among Ranches for Sale

It goes without saying that purchasing a ranch for sale is a significant financial move and cannot be taken lightly, especially if you are planning on starting a ranching operation. While you may be tempted to purchase cheap ranch land in order to leave a hundred thousand dollars for your operations capital, many experienced ranchers advise against doing so. According to these experts, you should be willing to spend extra cash to secure a ranch that meets your needs.


If you are planning to start a dude ranch, be sure to choose a property that is near a mountain, river, or lake. If you are starting a beef ranch or cattle breeding ranch, be sure to select a ranch that has a holding capacity (the number of animals the land can naturally support) that matches your wants and needs. Knowing what kind of ranching operation you want to establish can help you decide which kind of land to purchase.

Soil Fertility

Seeing as your livestock will be feeding off the land, you will definitely want to choose a property that has rich soil. Be sure to have a professional take a soil sample to test the soil fertility of a ranch you are interested in before purchasing it. In some cases, a ranch real estate brokerage will have a soil fertility report on hand and will be more than willing to provide you a copy if you request it.


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