Take a Share of Beef Industry Profits, Buy a Ranch

According to reports, the US beef industry has been skyrocketing as of late. US beef exports have seen a massive increase as countries like Japan, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Hong Kong continue to demand more beef. This demand helped the US beef industry reach a record-high 5.5 billion dollars in exports in 2012.

Although there is still no official tally for the profits from US beef exports for 2013, experts have estimated that these will easily surpass the all-time record set in 2012. In fact, the US Meat Export Federation claims that 2013 export profits can exceed the 2012 export profits by at least 12 million dollars.

The demand for quality US beef has also impacted the beef cattle breeding industry. In 2013, cattle breeding operations were able to sell calves for 150 dollars each. Sales are bound to get even better, as experts have anticipated that cattle prices in 2014 can easily reach 305 dollars per cow.

With the latest developments in the US beef trade, now is the perfect time to join the national beef industry. By purchasing a ranch for sale, you can establish either a beef ranch or a breeding ranch and start earning alongside the players in one of the most profitable industries in the country.


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