Cowboy Conundrum: Running a Ranch Wisely

One of the most enduring icons of America’s rich and storied past is the cowboy—not the heavily romanticized gunslingers of the silver screen, but the noble ranchers and pioneers of the untamed plains. The cowboys of old typically raised ranches at the fringes of civilization, ever seeking fertile land and cattle to herd from the wilds. So popular is the image of the cowboy that the culture still endures.

Some are so enamored by the cowboy way life and consequently aspire to own ranch lands to experience it all firsthand. Yet running a ranch is no simple feat; folks need to have a firm understanding of cattle care, farm management, and many other responsibilities tied to being a rancher. After all, there’s more to being a cowboy than just huge hats, leather boots, and rodeo rides.

Ranch owners can generate revenue in two ways: generate produce for sale or open up the property as a dude ranch. Both ways have their advantages, and can be fun experiences for those looking to live up to the cowboy image. The latter choice, in particular, is the perfect option for those who want to share their passion for the ranching life with friends and guests visiting the property.

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