Things to Consider When Buying a Ranch

Few investments are as big as buying a ranch, but even fewer are as rewarding. As long as meat and milk remain culinary staples, engaging in livestock production can be a lucrative business. What’s more, living close to nature can rejuvenate even the weariest soul. Before buying a ranch, though, be sure to keep the following considerations in mind:

Check zoning requirements

Not every stretch of land is fit for ranch operations, so make sure the property you’re buying belongs to an agricultural zone and can support the livestock you plan to raise. These details are readily available from the Resource and Management section of your county’s planning and zoning department.

Review the Riparian Rights

Just because a stream runs through your property, doesn’t mean you can use the water any way you wish. You’ll still need to check the ranch’s Riparian Rights for the exact details. The right may be part of the property’s deed or else conferred by a separate deed, so be sure to check this item with your state engineer first.

Consider how much time you can invest

Money isn’t the only thing you’re investing in a ranch as you’ll be investing a lot of time as well. Cattle need a lot of care and even smaller ranches will require about 20 hours of labor per week. If you can’t manage the ranch full time, you can hire help. Be sure to factor this added labor expense into your overall budget.


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