Remove These Plants from Your Ranch ASAP

As consumers become wary of eating genetically modified food, many beef cattle operations are starting to shift toward more organic cattle raising and production methods. For instance, quite a lot of ranches now allow cattle to feed off the land. However, ranchers should be careful when allowing their cattle to wander off and graze.

After all, certain plants that grow in the wild can poison cattle. With that in mind, ranchers should be vigilant in removing these plants from their ranches. Likewise, people looking to buy ranches should also inspect the land for the following plants beforehand:


Despite its name, wolfsbane is more dangerous to cattle than it is to wolves. When removing wolfsbane from the soil, be sure to get rid of stray pieces from the roots—the part that is most poisonous to cattle.


Oleander is an evergreen shrub that gives way to beautiful flowers, making it a common addition to gardens. The whole plant, unfortunately, is toxic. If someone must have the plant on the ranch, be sure to keep it out of reach of grazing cattle.


Buttercups are known for their beautiful and colorful flowers. However, buttercups should be immediately removed from grazing areas as the entire plant is also poisonous to cattle.


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