Wyoming Ranches for Sale: Things Every Aspiring Rancher Should Know

With parks, farms, and lands for grazing in abundance, it is not surprising why many people consider Wyoming an outdoorsman’s paradise. With this in mind, the University of Wyoming’s Master Cattlemen team is set to hold another Ranch Management Institute from June 9 to June 11, 2014, at the Central Wyoming College’s Sinks Canyon Center. The three-day workshop will focus on good ranch management practices, especially in terms of budgeting, investment analysis, and livestock risk protection.

Wyoming Ranches for Sale: Things Every Aspiring Rancher Should Know

These skills should prove handy for people in search of beautiful Wyoming ranches for sale, like the ones offered by Mirr Ranch Group. After all, it’s only wise for aspiring ranchers to first learn how to take care of their lands and cattle, especially if they intend to spend the rest of their days running a ranch. While most reputable ranch groups offer consulting and management services, personal experience in ranch management should give ranchers useful insights that will serve them in good stead.

For one, pasture grazing quality must never be overlooked. If livestock are left to feed on the land at their leisure, there is a good chance they’ll consume too much of the local vegetation, thus resulting in poor grazing quality. This not only results in a smaller food supply for the cattle but also leads to excessive soil erosion and nutrient loss—two factors that can hurt a rancher’s income.

Inadequate soil nutrition, after all, yields poor quality grass, which in turn leads to milk, meat, and hide of inferior quality. Severely eroded soil, meanwhile, allows contaminants to penetrate deep into the property’s surface and subsurface water resources, thereby cause diseases when consumed.

A good way to protect grazing quality is to implement a rotational grazing plan, which aims to minimize the amount of time livestock spend in each pasture. Another method is to designate specific pastures for grazing by means of electrical fences. The feasibility of these solutions will depend on another set of factors, though, like the size and location of the ranch, as well as the available plant life and sources of water.

Fortunately, those who offer ranches for sale in Wyoming also know which set of management practices suits a particular ranch. Aspiring ranchers might, therefore, want to complement their firsthand management experience with professional consulting services from a reputable ranch marketing company like Mirr Ranch Group. After all, one can never have too much knowledge when it comes to ranch management.

(Source: Wyoming Extension Offers Ranch Management Institute, AG Web, May 16, 2014)


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