Choosing Where to Raise Dairy Cows among Ranches for Sale in Oregon

There’s an increase in demand for milk products from organic farms, and it is believed to be due to the fact that organic is considered to be a lot healthier than conventionally produced milk. According to Transparency Market Research data published in, organic milk production is an ever-growing industry.

Organic Dairy

“Owing to this surge, organic farmland and production has doubled in the last five years. Organic dairy foods, which include milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter and ice-cream accounted for 19% of the total market, amounting to sales of around USD 8,987.7 million in 2011. The market is dominated by U.S. and Europe, which together accounted for 93.1% of the global demand in 2011. The U.S. and Europe organic dairy sector continues to show steady growth, growing overall by 8.2% and 7.9% respectively during 2012.”

This development is definitely good news for Oregon folks, where milk is the third largest agricultural commodity. Business-minded individuals who want to venture into organic milk production can choose among ranches for sale in Oregon for the right one to raise dairy cows in. Here are some useful tips:

Find a realtor with knowledge and experience in ranch operations.

Aspiring ranch owners will probably have an easy time looking for established real estate agents or brokers who’ve managed to sell hundreds of properties. However, selling a ranch or farm is not the same as selling a condominium or a townhouse. Things like soil types, zoning, and water rights are to be accounted for first when scouting an Oregon ranch for sale, so it helps to find agents or brokers with backgrounds on rural real estate.

Determine proximity to farmer’s markets or other sellers.

To make the most out of raising dairy cows, future ranch operators should also evaluate the location of the property to farmer’s markets or any other parties interested to sell or distribute their products. If the property is located in an extremely remote spot and makes transporting the product an astronomical fuel expense, alternative areas should be considered.

Access soil information.

Would-be ranch managers should make an effort to access the property’s soil information before signing off on a sale agreement. Said information are typically available through their local Soil Conservation Services Office. Remember, good soil is necessary for good pastures.

Promptly taking advantage of current supply and demand trends will definitely pay off for those looking into raising dairy cows. However, before enjoying the benefits of this business opportunity, enterprising individuals should first find the ideal ranch. Fortunately, real estate professionals from Mirr Ranch Group are ready to lend a helping hand to entrepreneurs in selecting the ranch with the most potential for this kind of profitable venture.

(Source: Organic Dairy Products Market Is Expected to Reach USD 15.90 Billion in 2019: Transparency Market Research,, July 7, 2014)


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