Top Beef Cattle Breeds to Raise After Purchasing a Utah Ranch for Sale

Beef ranchers around the U.S. are sure to let out a cry of joy after the latest developments in the U.S. beef industry. According to a news report from the United States Department of Agriculture website, another foreign country is opening up its doors to have U.S. beef imported:

Hong Kong Market

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that the United States and Hong Kong have agreed on new terms and conditions that pave the way for expanded exports of U.S. beef and beef products to Hong Kong.

“This is great news for American ranchers and beef companies,” said Vilsack. “Hong Kong is already the fourth largest market for U.S. beef and beef product exports, with sales there reaching a historic high of $823 million in 2013. We look forward to expanded opportunities there for the U.S. beef industry now that all trade restrictions are lifted,” Vilsack said.

With the international demand for U.S. beef growing steadily, the price for a pound of beef is sure to spike. As such, savvy entrepreneurs will know that now is the perfect time to purchase a Utah ranch for sale and start a beef ranch operation.

When starting a beef ranch operation, you should choose the breed of bovine you bring in carefully. Not all beef were created equal, so choosing the right breed is important to the success of your new ranch. With that in mind, here are a few breeds you should consider:

Black Angus

Black Angus beef is highly sought-after around the world due to its superior marbling, which makes the meat incredibly juicy and tender. As such, the beef commands top-notch prices, both locally and abroad. This is why Angus is regarded as the “King of Beef”.


Wagyu beef is an exotic beef linked to Japan—which is why it’s ironic once you learn that majority of the Wagyu beef consumed in Japan is imported from the United States. With that in mind, Wagyu is a profitable investment even if it is not your main breed.


Herefordshires are known for being docile and low-maintenance creatures that can adapt to most climates. At the same time, they are known for their fantastic calving rates, making them perfect for cross-breeding with Black Angus to create superior-quality meat. Of course, this is no knock on Herefordshire meat, which is highly regarded among steak enthusiasts.

Once you’ve chosen the breed of cattle you prefer, take the time to survey several beautiful ranches for sale in Utah to see which one best suits your operation. Ranch brokerages like Mirr Ranch Group can help you find what you need.

(Source: Hong Kong Market Reopens for U.S. Beef; United States Department of Agriculture; June 17, 2014)

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