Buy Colorado Ranches for Sale and Take Advantage of Beef’s High Price

Colorado welcomes about 60 million visitors each year, many of whom are drawn to attractions like ski resorts, national parks, and historic monuments. However, Colorado is also one of the country’s prime ranching capitals, and this year, the Centennial State is also welcoming a record number of bovine visitors. Why is this so? This article from The Denver Post provides further details on this development:

California Cattle

“A large influx of Californians are relocating to Colorado this year — they just happen to be entering on four legs, not two.

California ranchers, despite near-record beef prices, are culling their cattle herds in response to one of the most severe droughts that state has ever faced.

Colorado ranchers are taking advantage, purchasing steers as they have in years past, but also buying cows to rebuild herds thinned after years of dry conditions.

“There is probably not a yearling left in California right now. We are also seeing a reduction of our cow herd,” lamented California Cattlemen’s Association executive director Billy Gatlin.”

As the article mentions, there is currently a beef shortage in the country, which has caused prices to reach a 27-year high. In light of this, ranches for sale in Colorado become an even more compelling investment for those who want to enter the lucrative beef production industry. Luckily for them, cattle ranch ownership has many perks, such as:

Tax Breaks

Ranch owners enjoy certain tax breaks that help lower their operating expenses. For instance, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows them to deduct certain costs like breeding fees, livestock feed purchases, and labor expenses. Land conservation efforts like soil fertility restoration, land grading, and dam construction may also qualify for tax credits.

Hedge against Inflation

History shows that agricultural land tends to weather inflation better than other investment properties. After all, no matter the state of the economy, people still need to eat, and cattle ranchers are one of the primary food producers in the country.


Owning a cattle ranch requires a lot of hard work, but the property also offers many recreational activities, such as fishing, hunting, and hiking. You may even open your ranch to tourists to supplement your livestock operation’s profits.

Of course, a ranch is one of the biggest real estate investment you can make. If you need help with purchasing Colorado ranches for sale, don’t hesitate to approach trusted realtors like Mirr Ranch Group.

(Source: California cattle, short on food, finding way to Colorado, The Denver Post, May 16, 2014)


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