Got Your Eye on Oregon Ranches for Sale? Be Prepared for Drought!

Most people await summer eagerly, yet this season is not without its share of problems. In Oregon, where summer in most areas tends to be hot and dry, lush landscapes may soon give way to parched pastures. Drought did come to Oregon this year, according to KOIN 6’s resident meteorologist Riley O’Connor:

Half of Oregon

So far, for the month of July we are bone dry with 0.0” of rainfall and little, if any, rain is expected in the near future. On average, July is Portland’s driest month coming in with average rainfall of 0.65” followed by August at .067” of rain. So far since Oct 1 Portland’s rain total is 28.91” and normal as of July 1 should be at 33.24,”

This problem is certainly not an isolated one as drought affects ranch owners elsewhere. Land owners who wish to ensure their ranch operations are able to withstand the effects of drought can turn to reputable ranch management consultants, like those from Mirr Ranch Group.

Without preemptive planning, ranchers will be hard-pressed to meet their production goals as pastures dry up and livestock succumb to the heat. As such, when considering ranches for sale in Oregon, aspiring owners should learn a thing or two about drought preparedness strategies such as rotational grazing plans for livestock, irrigation, and grazing go before they even strike a deal

Rotational grazing is the use of multiple pastures to feed cattle. To make this possible, a ranch should have a diverse selection of plant species, which in turn should have sufficient cover and healthy root systems, spread across multiple areas or ‘paddocks’. The idea is that livestock should only graze in one paddock at a time so that the soil has sufficient time to recover.

If things work well, the soil should be able to store up adequate moisture and enable the growth of healthier plants for forage, just in time for drought season. Yet even with a reliable rotational grazing system in place, ranchers must not forget about the availability of shade because excessive sun exposure can increase the prevalence of parasites and diseases among livestock.

In addition, rotational grazing works best on large ranches with a reliable water supply nearby. This is another good criterion to consider when in search of Oregon ranches for sale as the considerable soil variety within the state highlights the need to keep water tables at each site within reasonable levels. That said, this strategy can also be pulled off on smaller ranches with sufficient planning. At any rate, such strategies are likely to be put to the test this summer.

(Source: Half of Oregon suffering severe drought, KOIN 6, July 10, 2014)


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