Seeking Cattle Ranches for Sale? See How Grazing Affects Productivity

Of all the many types of ranches in operation, those utilized for cattle production are typically some of the most profitable. However, to ensure optimum production and livestock quality, a ranch owner such as yourself must be responsible with the use of the land.

Proper Grazing

Profitable cattle ranches for sale, among other things, require good grazing management techniques. In his BEEF magazine column, strategic ranch planning consultant Burke Teichert writes about the importance and benefits of proper grazing.

Good grazing is the catalyst for reducing fed feed and increasing grazed feed. It can significantly reduce labor and equipment costs, and make labor more effective. It can also increase land productivity, enabling you to run more cows without adding land. You can add carrying capacity with less cost by using fence and water than by buying more land.

Good grazing is one of the most satisfying and economically rewarding things you can do as a rancher. It’s a wonderful mix of art and science. Ecology, soil science and plant physiology are the science. The art is your ability to see what is happening to plants, soil and livestock and make timely and appropriate adjustments as circumstances change.

As cattle consume grass and other fuels, fire hazards to your property are also reduced. Meanwhile, on most ranch lands used to grow crops, the removal of excess vegetation enables optimal nourishment for produce. Likewise, effective rotational grazing helps ensure that the soil stays even and fertile.

You also need to take good care of the pastures that you feed your livestock by using the proper tools, techniques, and timing for fertilizing the land. If water is scarce, you must plan how to sufficiently capture rainfall, irrigate the forage, and keep the land moist even in cold or hot seasons. The amount of nutrients and sunlight the soil receives should also be planned and maximized with the aid of technology, such as specialized solar panels.

If you want to own an ideal ranch land for sale, it would be best to consult a broker like Mirr Ranch Group. With the viable choices in their listings and expertise in assessing land conditions, you can soon find a property that suits your grazing or farming needs.

(Source: Proper Grazing Is A Rancher’s Most Rewarding Challenge, Beef Magazine, June 20, 2013)


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