Elk Hunting: A Compelling Reason to Seek Wyoming Ranches for Sale

September is the best time to hunt elk in Wyoming, and indeed, Brett French of the Billings Gazette enjoins hunters to start prepping themselves for another bountiful season. French also stresses the need for hunters to be in top shape because encounters with elk in Wyoming often take place on hills, mountains, and steep climbs, thereby leading to hours of walking and hiking. Of course, nothing beats having one’s own private hunting grounds where they can bag game at their own leisure.

To do this, would-be hunters may have to cut a deal with local hunting ranches to give them access to private lands, like doing odd jobs for the owners in exchange for limited hunting rights. Yet it may also be more optimal for hunting enthusiasts to operate ranches of their own, which is why many of the best Wyoming ranches for sale, like those offered by Mirr Ranch Group, are prized for the hunting and fishing opportunities they provide.

Wyoming outdoors-Hunting seasons sneaking up in September

The state’s hunting ranches come in different sizes, but they do offer lots of vegetation, slopes, and watering holes that can attract herds of elk. That said, anyone who’s looking to acquire their own ranch property would be wise to consider ranches that are close to public lands and have plenty of tree cover for three main reasons.

First, elk herds tend to migrate to heavily wooded, private lands to avoid human contact, so it shouldn’t at all be surprising for hunters to encounter fewer elk in hunting areas designated by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) than in private properties. Second, well-managed private hunting ranches close to public lands can maintain a sizable elk population, which means that hunters can enjoy a good hunting season every year—provided, of course, they don’t hunt too aggressively. Third, large and forested private ranches attract other game animals like antelopes and deer, which means owners can enjoy hunting well beyond elk season.

All these benefits aside, owning a private ranch in the state presents a certain amount of challenges. For instance, ranch owners must deal with invasive plant species like Russian olives, tamarisk, and cheatgrass before these cause significant damage to elk habitats. While the WGFD has a set of plant control guidelines for ranch owners, a reputable consultant like Mirr Ranch Group can also lend a hand when it comes to wildlife habitat enhancement and ranch management services, in addition to offering ranches for sale in Wyoming, Oregon, and other states.


(Source: Wyoming outdoors: Hunting seasons sneaking up in September, Billings Gazette, August 07, 2014)

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