Good Management Keeps any Oregon Ranch for Sale Fertile and Productive

Then as now, Oregon plays an important role in the nation’s agricultural sector. According to The World writer Chelsea Davis, the state is one of the leading producers of berries, grass seeds, and Christmas trees in the U.S. In fact, Oregon is the only state that produces blackberries, boysenberries, and hazelnuts on a commercial scale, thereby securing its place as a major contributor to the country’s economy:

 “The Oregon agriculture, because it’s so diverse, I think it’s more resilient than some of the other farm programs,” said Dave Losh, U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service state statistician in the Oregon field office.

“It’s a combination of climate and the willingness of growers to try new things and to find niche markets,” Losh said. “It’s also due to the fact that we export a lot of commodities that are not used domestically.”

Sweet Success

Indeed, the profit potential of orchards, fruit farms, and the like motivate people to seek fertile ranches for sale in Oregon. While many of these properties are marketed as cattle farms, private fishing spots, or hunting grounds, some may also prove ideal for growing crops. However they choose to run their properties, though, would-be ranch owners would do well to work closely with a ranch management and brokerage firm like Mirr Ranch Group for a variety of reasons.

The biggest reason has to do with Oregon’s climate. While Losh says that the state’s general climate is usually conducive for berries, it is also known to occasionally reach 100 °F during the day; especially in the summer. Areas east of the Cascade Range are particularly known for these sudden temperature changes because they are located far away from the cool Pacific Ocean breeze. In addition to offering the best Oregon ranch for sale, a company like Mirr Ranch Group also provides useful tips to aspiring ranch owners as regards irrigation, weed control, and water management.

Such a ranch management expert can also perform other roles most ranch owners would be hard pressed to carry out on their own. For instance, aside from keeping track of crop growing schedules, ranch owners may also need marketing support to ensure that their produce gets sold. It’s these little business considerations fruit farmers in Oregon must keep in mind to remain lucrative at all times.


(Source: Oregon’s diverse crops bring in millions of dollars, stabilize agricultural economy, The World, August 07, 2014)


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