Buying Ranches for Sale in Utah: What are the Privileges of Purchase?

Owning a Utah ranch for sale can be a rewarding experience. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a place where peace and quiet, fresh air, and nature come plenty? Yet these are by no means the only benefits ranch ownership in The Beehive State offers. Take a look at these other advantages, as listed by Dr. Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume in an article he posted on Land & Livestock International, Inc.

  • Tax Shelter (Income and Estate) – especially if you have substantial income from other sources.
  • Inflation hedge – historically, agricultural land has been an excellent hedge against inflation. Considering the current fiscal state of the economy, there is every reason to believe that inflation will increase dramatically over the next few years and no reason to believe it won’t.
  • Capital gains potential – an increase in value due to increased productivity and/or inflation may be taxed at a lower capital gains rate (subject to the whelm of the Congress Critters, of course).
  • Life style and maintenance of the rural, western heritage – these are becoming more and more important as we see them both dwindle.
  • Aesthetics and scenic beauty – the things that make life worth living
  • Prestige in the community – prominent ranchers are often looked to as community leaders.

Getting Into Cattle Business-Buying a Ranch and make it Pay

Ranches are affordable in Utah

Although properties in Salt Lake City’s urbanized areas do cost quite a bit, the low population density in its surrounding areas makes properties for sale in those areas affordable. By doing a fair amount of research, you’re bound to find one that’s worth every penny.

As expected, properties for sale become less expensive as you move away from the Wasatch Front. This is perfect for anyone who wants to have a place they can use as a weekend retreat. Since lands in these areas are so affordable, you can purchase large tracts of land without endangering your finances.

In Utah, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for

Perhaps you want to purchase a ranch in Utah to get away from stressful city living. Perhaps you’re doing it to start your own cattle business. Whatever reasons you may have, desirable ranches for sale in Utah abound, and this means you can find a property that fits your needs. An experienced ranch broker like Mirr Ranch Group can also represent you and help you find the perfect ranch should none of the choices currently available meet your specifications.


(Source: Getting Into the Cattle Business: Buying a Ranch and Making it Pay, Land & Livestock International, Inc., Feb. 14, 2013)

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