Why Ranches for Sale in Utah are In-Demand and Profitable

The perseverance of local farmers and ranchers truly pays off for the characteristically industrious Beehive State. The most recent Census of Agriculture showed that more than 20% – or 10.97 million acres – of Utah’s land is dedicated to farms and ranches. As Utah state statistician John Hilton sums up in the USDA Blog, the colorful and active agriculture valuably contributes to the local economy.

Painting Utah Agriculture

In 2012, our state’s farmers sold more than $1.8 billion worth of agricultural products, with one-third in crop sales and two-thirds in livestock and poultry and their products. In contrast to sales, farm and ranch expenses totaled almost $1.6 billion with feed and labor being the two highest expenditures. According to a survey done by Utah State University in 2012, when multiplier effects are included, agricultural processing and production account for $17.5 billion in total economic output in our state.

Although livestock and crop commodities dominantly make up these gains, the state’s other lucrative sector deserves a spot in the limelight, too.

Utah also has a vibrant fruit and vegetable industry. The top fruit, in terms of acreage, in the state are tart cherries, peaches, apples, and sweet cherries. The top vegetables, also ranked by acreage, are sweet corn, onions, potatoes, and pumpkins. In 2012, fruit sales totaled more than $31 million, while vegetable sales totaled more than $19 million.

These data are the main factors why farms and cattle ranches for sale in Utah don’t normally sit on listings for long. Having fertile soil and ideal grazing lands, the state produces billions worth of quality crops and livestock, which also benefit the farm or ranch owners.

Of course, farmers and ranchers diligently maintain soil and livestock health by employing practices that protect the quality of the lands, plantings, and forage. For instance, some farmers use diverse cover crops that retain the necessary soil nutrients and moisture and help prevent erosion. Observing the recommended planting dates and harvests also achieves the same. Cattle, calves, and other farm animals are fed accordingly as well, and safeguarded from diseases.

If you want to invest on these in-demand and profitable estates, brokers like Mirr Ranch Group can show you the listings of available Utah ranches for sale. The established company also has professional ranch management consultants who can assist and advise you on maintaining the quality of your land and the profitability of your business.

(Source: Painting Utah Agriculture by the Numbers, USDA Blog, September 4, 2014)


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