Want to Produce Organic Meat? Then Check out Colorado Ranches for Sale

Most millennials equate career success with a high-powered job in a big city. Not Katie Belle Miller, though. As Bill Radford for Gazette.com reveals, the 29-year old Colorado native has chosen to be a full-time rancher instead:

Country Life

Looks like the small family farm is not dead.

I recently visited Heritage Belle Farms, … farm in Calhan run by 29-year-old Katie Belle Miller. She raises Texas longhorn cattle, heritage breed pigs and a variety of poultry, plus she recently started raising tilapia.

Even as some lament the corporatization of American farming, she believes there’s still a role for small-scale agriculture. In fact, she believes it is the future of agriculture.

“People want to know what’s in their food,” she says. “They don’t want to be eating chemicals; they want to be eating clean, organic.”

Recent statistics confirm this notion, too. According to a Gallup poll, about 45% of Americans seek out organic food, and a study by TechSci Research also predicts that the organic food market will grow by 14% through 2018.

Clean Eating

Given these encouraging figures, it seems that people have become more conscious about how food end up on their plates—and for good reason. Take a look at your typical hamburger patty, which often contains traces of hormones and antibiotics which are fed to cows to hasten the meat production process. They are usually injected with gases as well to keep them looking tender and juicy despite being several weeks old. In comparison, organic meat contain 1/3 less fat, has two to six times more omega-3 fatty acids, and up to four times the amount of Vitamin E.

Organic Ranching Opportunities

Of course, as the demand for organic meat grows, more and more entrepreneurs will start to operate ranches where the cattle are grass-fed and allowed to roam freely around the property. Fortunately, there is an abundance of wonderful ranches for sale in Colorado that would be ideal for such an endeavor.

Parties looking to engage in organic beef production would do well to contact a trusted company like Mirr Ranch Group, which has an extensive listing of top-notch Colorado ranches for sale. With their help, would-be ranchers can find the perfect property where they can raise happy, healthy cows, and produce sustainable meat.

(Source: The Country Life: ‘Hippie rancher’ a real future farmer, Gazette.com, September 2, 2014)


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