Buying Ranches for Sale in Colorado? Then Be Sure to Heed These Tips

Beef has always been a staple food in America, and these days, not only is demand for it increasing, so too are beef prices. In fact, prices are expected to remain high at least until 2015.

Ranch Profitability

As such, many entrepreneurs are interested in buying ranches for sale in Colorado to start their own beef production facilities. While a cattle ranch is certainly a great investment, buyers need to choose their property carefully to achieve optimal profits. Below are a few things they need to consider before signing that check:

Proximity to Markets
Producing the meat is one thing, but selling it is quite another. When you’re choosing a ranch, make sure that it is near markets or major highways to make transporting your goods easier. If not, you’ll end up spending a lot of money on logistics alone.

Water Source
No ranch can thrive if it does not have an abundant water source. After all, cattle need ample hydration to remain healthy, and the crops you plant (whether for feed or for selling) require regular irrigation. As such, the property you buy should have a nearby river or other water body so your profits won’t dry up.

Aside from water, your cattle will also need plenty of feed. This article from says that part of your property is best reserved as grazing land to reduce your cost:

There are very few situations where grazing more and feeding less won’t be more profitable. This may mean you begin to graze former hay land. As I travel about giving talks to groups of cattlemen, I usually hear two kinds of responses. There are those who contend it’s impossible to reduce feeding, and those who tell me about the financial progress they’re making by grazing more and feeding less. I’ve personally been involved in, and have seen, thousands of acres of hay land turned to pasture. In a few cases, pastures that previously produced winter hay are now pastured in the summer, while the cattle are wintered on what once was summer range.

Hence, make sure that your ranch has enough space to accommodate this practice.

Work with Experts
Finding the perfect Colorado ranch for sale is never an easy task, but fortunately, companies like Mirr Ranch Group have an extensive listing of available properties. By working with firms that specialize in selling ranches, you’ll soon find the best one for beef production.

(Source: Seven Keys To Ranch Profitability,, February 25, 2013)


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