Ranches for Sale: A Laidback Kind of Luxury that Celebrities Love

If you happen to come across Ralph Lauren’s sprawling ranch in Colorado, you might have a taste of sheer tranquility. Architectural Digest correspondent Paul Theroux and photographers Bruce Weber and Gilles de Chabaneix give you a preview of the relaxed, rustic, and expansive property of the world-renowned fashion designer and multibillion-dollar business executive.

Ralph Lauren

Occupying some 16,000 acres beneath the snowcapped San Juan Mountains is the Double RL Ranch, the Colorado getaway of fashion designer Ralph Lauren and his wife, Ricky.

The ranch includes a main lodge, three guest tepees, beyond, and several outbuildings.

Like most of the dwellings on the property, the [Little Bear Cabin] is equipped with accommodations for as many as eight visitors. Before the rock wall is a 19th-century painted stepback cupboard that was found in the South. On the table is a Santo Domingo dough bowl.

“There’s such a sense of space at the ranch,” says Ralph Lauren. “Whether Ricky and I are riding horses or driving, we’re at ease, surrounded by the mountains. It’s completely restful and inspiring.”

Aside from the picturesque landscapes, recreational ranches for sale in and around the state come with luxurious residences, improvements, and outdoor features that you can pricelessly enjoy. Lauren’s property, for instance, has furnished cabins and a “pool, which reflects the faraway mountainscape … located just off the main lodge … accompanied by a gym.”

Homes in these acreage estates are typically spacious and even lavish in design and furnishings. Plus, although these types of ranches may seem isolated for the owner’s privacy, nearby resorts and airports are accessible.

Other celebrities also dive into the outdoorsy activities that cattle or fishing ranches allow you to explore. For 25 years, Far From Heaven actor Denis Quaid owned a 418-acre Montana ranch that has a private fishing area, as well as riding and hiking trails. Fly fishing was also a favorite of actress and fitness guru, Jane Fonda, in her enchanting 2,300-acre property in New Mexico that encompassed a 3.5-mile stretch of the Pecos River.

Established brokers like Mirr Ranch Group can provide you plenty of delightful options in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming if you are looking for an idyllic ranch land for sale. These real estate professionals can help you pick out the perfect property, so you, too, can relish the laidback kind of luxury that celebrities love.

(Source: RALPH LAUREN The Designer’s Sprawling Double RL Ranch in Colorado, Architectural Digest)


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