Post Drought Management is Important for Wyoming Ranches for Sale

With severe droughts and relatively weak precipitation, the past few years weren’t particularly good for farmers and ranchers in Wyoming. However, things seem to be turning around for the Cowboy State this year, as the weather has been quite favorable so far; thus allowing the $1.7 billion agricultural sector to recover the losses in livestock, fish, and crops it incurred from 2000 to 2013. The Wall Street Journal has more:

Fast Revival as Drought Ends

So far this year, more than 14 inches of rain have fallen in Cheyenne, approaching the historical average of 15.94 inches for an entire year and far more than the 10.15 that fell 2012, the last year of drought, according to National Weather Service data.

The deluge has reinvigorated the environment and economy of the Cowboy State, offering hope that when conditions turn wet again in California and other Western states they, too, will recover.

This is certainly good news for current and aspiring land owners in the state, as they can look forward to a more bountiful year this time, provided that they take certain measures to improve their profits. After all, even if Wyoming can expect good weather for the rest of the year, the state’s varied geography means that certain places will experience better temperatures and more abundant rainfall than others. It’s for this reason that Mirr Ranch Group provides its clients with reliable ranch management services on its various Wyoming ranches for sale.

Drought recovery

Drought recovery is a very important matter for ranchers in Wyoming, mainly because livestock production makes up the largest portion of the state’s agricultural sector, and drought seriously jeopardizes the food supply of cattle, cows, and sheep. Once a drought has passed, ranchers must prioritize restoring the hydrological conditions of their lands above anything else.

However, this isn’t as simple as watering a dry patch of land to encourage plant growth. Surface conditions must be taken into account because some types of soils, like fine-textured soils, have a greater chance of recovering than others. Fortunately, Wyoming is also a ‘headwaters state’, which means it has abundant supplies of water that would help ranchers with the task.

Plant management

The issue of plant management after a drought should also be considered. By experience, summer-grazed pastures are usually infested with weeds, poisonous plants, and unpalatable species of grass after drought. These things must be dealt with before ranchers can reintroduce healthy grass into their lands and begin feeding their livestock.

The prevalence of invasive plants may be just one factor that aspiring land owners should remember when looking for a Wyoming ranch for sale. All things considered, though, this year might be the best for the state’s farmers and ranchers.

(Source: In Wyoming, Fast Revival as Drought Ends, The Wall Street Journal, September 25, 2014)


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