What Factors Must You Consider in Hunting Ranches for Sale in Oregon?

Game hunters in Oregon better listen up, as wildlife writer Bill Monroe has the lowdown for this year’s hunting season. In a special to The Oregonian, he says that deer, elk, and bear populations are quite high this time around, but not as high as duck and geese populations whose numbers and flight patterns are generally more favorable than last year’s, giving extra incentive for waterfowl hunters in the state. The information below is what deer hunters can expect this season:

Oregon Hunting Seasons

A later start than usual on both sides of the Cascades means hunting will both begin with and last farther into autumn’s leaf-drop. Much needed rain this week will also soften hunters’ footfalls.

And, for those black-tailed deer hunters in the west, the season’s final week in early November will be well into the fall rut.

Mule deer survival was good last winter and production is up overall. While blacktail numbers remain a bit lower than hoped, they’re up some from last year as well, biologists say, and are above management target levels.

Hunting is finally getting a little livelier in the Beaver State, as the figures are quite an improvement over last year’s numbers. This is also an opportunity for some savvy hunters to start looking for hunting ranches for sale in Oregon, considering that they’ll experience greater competition with each other in public hunting grounds this season.

Private ranches also have the benefit of having well-managed populations of game animals, ensuring that hunters can bag their quota of deer or elk this season without fear of overhunting. Mirr Ranch Group’s experienced ranch brokers are more than happy to oblige by offering buyers some of the finest hunting grounds in the state, in addition to reliable ranch marketing and consulting services.

One service is to provide buyers with the lay of the land to help them determine if a particular piece of land suits their hunting needs or not. For example, large swathes of timberland, coupled with tillable land and various terrain reliefs (i.e. ridges and valleys) are ideal features in a deer hunting ranch. These factors create a habitat that allows deer populations to thrive and provides hunters with an excellent hunting experience at the same time.

Fortunately, Oregon has no shortage of land that possess these features, with the various mountain ranges and large forests that dot the state. However, it would also be great for an Oregon hunting ranch for sale to possess good roads, since the last thing hunters want is to get bogged down in mud or heavy snow due to bad weather.

(Source: Oregon hunting seasons hold plenty of promise, few disappointments, The Oregonian, September 23, 2014)

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