Ranches for Sale in Utah: Conservation Easements and Their Benefits

A Cache Valley man and his family have entered into a conservation easement with the state to protect more than 5,000 acres of ranch land in the mouth of the Blacksmith Fork Canyon near Hyrum.

Landowner Jon White and his family have voluntarily entered into a perpetual conservation easement with the Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands. The arrangement ensures public access for fishing along the Blacksmith Fork River, while preserving the land indefinitely as a working ranch.

According to the division’s website conservation easements give priority to lands which are threatened by future conversion to non-forest uses, protect and enhance water quality and water supplies, and assist in maintaining the cultural and economic vitality of rural communities.

Conservation Easement OK’d

A conservation easement is a powerful tool used by the government to ensure the permanent conservation of private lands in the United States. Their application has successfully safeguarded millions of acres of wildlife habitats and wide-open spaces, guaranteeing that these places will continue to be for many years to come.

As a conservation tool, conservation easements are effective in keeping the lands in the hands of their private owners while allowing them to generate significant public benefits. If you’re planning to buy a Utah ranch for sale, it pays to understand what conservation easements are all about and how they can be of advantage to you.

What is a conservation easement?

A conservation easement is a voluntary, legally binding agreement between the landowner and government entity that prevents any development from taking place on the landowner’s property. It is meant to limit the use of the land in order to protect ecological, scenic, or historic resources. An easement is typically customized to meet the landowner’s personal and financial needs. It also identifies the rights the landowner wishes to preserve, restrict, or relinquish.

Why do landowners enter into a conservation easement?

Landowners enter into these forms of agreement for a variety of reasons. Foremost is the desire to protect their land for their families and future generations. Responsible landowners know that clean water, rich soil, and wildlife habitat have significant value, and conservation easements are their way to secure that their land stays intact even as it changes ownership. In addition, a landowner can receive federal estate and income tax benefits when he is granted a conservation easement.

Want more information?

For more information on how conservation easements can help you protect the ranches for sale in Utah that you plan to purchase, get in touch with expert ranch brokers like Mirr Ranch Group.

(Source: Conservation easement OK’d for 5,000-acre ranch in Blacksmith Fork Canyon, The Herald Journal, Jun. 7, 2013)


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