Ranches for Sale: A Quick Guide to Cattle Raising and Beef Production

Business-minded individuals in search of a new and exciting enterprise can look into buying ranches for sale and kick off the wonderful opportunity of raising cattle and beef production. Economic stability is practically a given in this business move as Agriculture.com writer Jeff Caldwell explains. Still, he stresses that the business has its ups and downs, and one really has to know when to take advantage:

“Starting in the spring of 2015, increased supplies of chicken, turkey, and pork will provide consumers with ready alternatives to high-priced retail beef and cattle prices may weaken. That weakening of cattle prices in the spring of 2015 is not a collapse, just a failure of cattle prices to keep making new record highs again and again as was the case in 2014,” Hurt says. “The long-term profit outlook for the beef industry is bright, but the record prices in this cycle may well occur in the next six months.”

With that in mind, those who want to try their hand in the cattle business will need more than good business sense and desire to be successful, however. First, they have to pick the right location for a ranch land for sale when starting this new venture. Luckily, well-respected realtors like Mirr Ranch Group can help in this aspect. Second, they can read this primer to get them started:

Preparing the pasture

Setting up the pasture is required before bringing in the cattle for raising. Optimum pasture productivity is one of the key factors in raising healthy cattle. Some ranches may require starting from scratch, which means testing the soil, selecting the right forage species, and using the correct seeding method.

On the other hand, some ranches may only require soil adjustment with the aim to increase its fertility. After the pasture is established or renovated, ranch owners should look into best practices in pasture management to make sure it’s well-maintained.

Selecting the breed of cattle

Cows are generally divided into two categories: maternal and terminal. Maternal breeds are those which are largely known for their milk production ability, while terminal are those known for their meat producing ability. Terminal breeds have the muscling ideal for sufficient meat production.

If ranch owners intend to focus on beef production, their initial thought may be to concentrate on buying terminal breeds. Still, they need maternal cows which can produce a calf for them every year.

With the stable demand for beef all year round, enterprising individuals can gain profit from the cattle business. They have to remember though that for them to thrive in this exciting but challenging industry, they need far more than passion and business savvy.

(Source: Cattle Cycle, Record Prices Stretching Through Early Spring — Economist, agriculture.com, October 27, 2014)


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