Colorado Ranches for Sale: Ranch Ownership Is More than Making Profit

Buying Colorado ranches for sale is a business decision that’s often associated with those who hope to make ranching and farming their bread and butter. Surprisingly, the staff reports that ranch buyers now are not just conventional ranchers anymore—there are those who buy simply because they can afford to.

Of those who purchased lots bigger or 400 acres were conventional ranchers. Almost 40% were “amenity” buyers — millionaire out-of-towners who do not rely on the ranch to earn a living, the report said. The remainders were part time ranchers, real estate investors, developers and others.

Affluent absentee owners are converting more of the ranches and farms in the West into fishing resort areas and private hunting. Amenity ranchers aren’t a brand new phenomenon, but their growing desire for these refuges is. Ranches are converted and upgraded – infrastructure improvements often follow providing high speed internet access. These are leisure homes and owners are more likely spend their evenings on the internet watching online TV – like this, than working the farmland or tending cattle.

While producing beef and raising crops can be highly lucrative for ranch owners, there are far more benefits to ranch ownership than merely turning it into a money-making cash machine. Here’s a brief look at some of them:

Fulfillment of ecological duties or responsibilities

Those who strongly believe in the importance of conservation efforts will be happy to know that some sprawling ranches for sale in Colorado are meant to serve as wildlife preserves for threatened species. These properties help maintain genetic reservoir and ecosystem stability for the benefit of this generation and future generations as well.

Fulfillment of a dream

Those who grew up watching Westerns on TV simply look into ranch ownership as a fulfillment of a long-time dream, as in the case of James E. Manley, a founder of an investment bank. Manley was already a well-made man before he made the move.

Fulfillment of a love of horses and other animals

Kevin Costner made a fortune out of being Hollywood’s top leading man in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Still, his true passion is riding horses, which he got to fulfill when he gave up the city life in place of ranch ownership. Love of horses is also the same thing that fueled celebrity couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s decision to have their own ranch.

There is no doubt as to the financial benefits that ranch ownership offers. Still, the new breed of ranch owners is not merely set on making a sizeable amount of profit when acquiring property from established ranch realtors like Mirr Ranch Group. They are also eyeing to enjoy the advantages that go beyond the pockets.

(Source: The New Breed of Ranch Owner,, June 16, 2014)


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