Ranches for Sale in Colorado: Key Factors for Planting Cash Crops

Some people who acquire ranches for sale in Colorado are set on cash crop farming or crops that are surefire money generators. In the United States, cash crops include corn, wheat, cotton, and soybeans. When it comes to their cash-making abilities, these crops are not equal, however. In fact, Agriculture.com multimedia editor Jeff Caldwell writes that that soybean grower is hearing more cash registers ring than corn growers.

Based on projected costs and the median prices projected in USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report earlier this month, soybeans will net more per-acre revenue than corn this fall, says University of Illinois Extension ag economist Gary Schnitkey. Neither crop will light the world on fire this fall, returns-wise, but the cost side of the equation will likely make soybeans the winner, provided yields wind up where the latest estimates have them.

Given the soybean’s proven marketability and profitability, future ranch owners can definitely reap more benefits when choosing it over any other type of cash crop. Still, the selection of which commercial crop to grow is not the only critical factor in a farmland’s success. Here are the other key considerations for commercial farming:

Soil quality

Good soil quality is paramount to successful cash crop farming, so anyone who’s planning to invest in ranches in Colorado for sale for this very purpose should ask sellers about soil type before anything else. If they are unfamiliar with which works and which doesn’t, they can request for any recent soil tests or request that one be done right away. They can get in touch with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Colorado for their soil survey needs.


Crops need water for nutrition, which is why proper irrigation is also essential in farmlands. With sufficient water supply, farmland owners can expect to yield more crops and see improvement in crop quality. In addition, proper irrigation also allows the potential for double cropping or switching from one crop (like wheat) to another (like soybean).

Real estate laws

Purchasing a ranch property requires an understanding of real estate laws, including title insurance. Securing a title policy means the seller is indeed the legal owner of said property, therefore ensuring the buyer of absolute land ownership. Property acquisition with help from respected real estate companies like Mirr Ranch Group can assure a seamless transaction.

The acquisition of a ranch for growing cash crops is a good potential for investment. Still, apart from carefully choosing which type of crop to grow, future buyers need to take into account essential factors like soil quality, irrigation, and real estate laws.

(Source: Soybeans Surge Ahead in Crop Revenue Picture for This Fall, agriculture.com October 29, 2014)


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