Wyoming Ranches For Sale—3 Tips to Protect Against Cattle Rustling

For some people, hearing the words ‘cattle rustling’ can conjure up thoughts of old Spaghetti Western movies where bandana-clad cowboys gather a cow herd and drive them to a distant and discreet location. Cattle rustling is something that rarely happens in movies today, which may lead most people to believe that it’s something that no longer happens in real life. Unfortunately, the reality is not that simple.

Crime of the Past

According to a recent Washington Times article, there have been reports that claim cattle rustling is on the rise in Wyoming. Unfortunately, ranchers are not immune from the crime. As a ranch owner, or someone who’s interested in purchasing Wyoming ranches for sale, you must remain vigilant and implement certain measures to protect your investment from cattle rustling. Here are a few tips to reduce the potential of becoming a victim of this dastardly act.

Mark your cows

Make your livestock easy to identify. This means you need to brand your cows. A cow that has an easily visible brand will not be attractive to potential thieves. Be sure to have your brand registered in the state. Once approved, your brand will appear in the Official brand book of the state of Wyoming. This will ensure that local law enforcement authorities acknowledge your brand.

Lock your gates

When interviewed, cattle rustlers caught stealing say they prefer locations where they can go in and out without leaving any evidence. As such, locked gates can be an effective deterrent. Additionally, a locked gate can slow down a potential thief, which increases your chances of catching them.

Set up a Neighborhood Watch program

Due to the success of urban Neighborhood Watch programs, many rural areas are starting to incorporate the idea in their settings. Discuss with your neighbors the steps you can take to improve security, such as writing down the license plate of a suspicious vehicle, taking a discreet video of any activity that seems out of place, or documenting a person you’ve never seen before. See if you can create a Neighborhood Watch schedule that everyone can agree to.

If you plan on beefing up security of your premises, see to it that you consult an expert broker of ranches for sale in Wyoming first. Trusted brokers like Mirr Ranch Group are well-versed in ranch management, and will be able to inform you on the most effective security measures, as well as ensure that these measures conform to local and state laws.

(Source: Cattle theft not just a crime of the past, Washington Times)

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