Buying Oregon Ranch for Sale: Top Tips for Growing Crops During Winter

When looking into acquiring a piece of real estate property like an Oregon ranch for sale from esteemed brokers like Mirr Ranch Group, forward thinkers always assess what they can do with their purchase. A good option is to turn the property into farmland. Some may fret that crop production stops at wintertime, but they really have no reason to worry.

Winter Gardening Tips

There is a long list of crops that are viable for planting during the winter season. Spinach, lettuce, arugula, chard, kale, and parsley are the best leafy winter crops, while root crops like carrots, turnips, leeks, and radish are great for wintertime planting.

For cold season planting to produce a successful yield, however, ranch owners have to employ the right techniques. If they don’t, they risk harvesting a small amount of vegetable or root crops, which will be a waste of their effort. As such, anyone who is interested in buying ranches for sale in Oregon is recommended to learn about farming techniques that help boost crops. In the meantime, here’s a primer on ensuring wintertime planting efforts turn in a bountiful yield:

Grow crops under a hoophouse

Think of a hoophouse as the counterpart for a hothouse or a greenhouse when planting orchids and other delicate flowers. A hoophouse consists of a slew of plastic sheets stretched over bent PVCs or metal tubes. During the winter season, a hoophouse will provide a covering over the raised beds, offering plants better soil conditions, warmer temperatures, and better humidity. The structure will also protect the plants from the worst of winter elements.

Grow cover crops

Cover crops, sometimes called green manure, keep pesky weeds at bay and control pests and diseases. In addition, they can also boost soil quality, increasing chances of more productive crops. The best cover crops include rye, buckwheat, clover, and hairy vetch.

Apply mulch

The mulching technique seems to be more well-known for enhancing the growth of flowers in gardens, but it offers advantages in farmlands and ranchlands, too. If done correctly, the mulch will promote healthy crop growth since it aids in retaining soil moisture and reducing water runoff and wind erosion. Common materials used to make mulch are wood chips, hay and straw, and grass clippings, but a cardboard paper can also work.

Those who are days away from closing a Oregon ranch purchase deal for farming purposes will be happy to know that they can expect crop productivity at any season. All they need to remember is to choose the right type of crops to plant and the right techniques that promote growth.

(Source: Winter Gardening Tips: Best Winter Crops and Cold-Hardy Varieties,


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