Marketing Ranches for Sale: It Takes a Lot of Branding and Management

The beef cattle market has its ups and downs. During the last weeks of 2014, it was surely one of the market’s “downs.” November was great, as the fed trade set new record-highs and finished at $171/cwt. However, right before Christmas, the prices settled back to just $158/cwt., which experts believe is the bottom for the cattle market.

Cattle Market

For 2015, the state of the market stays unpredictable. Some experts believe that the beef prices will be strong in 2015 until 2016, as pastures are being restocked and herds are being rebuilt. The number of cow slaughter may be fewer, since the national herd is smaller, but ranchers are actively pursuing efforts to restock, such as retaining more (old) heifers that may produce at least one more calf.

There’s still a possibility that the market doesn’t pick up as quickly. That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs or ranch owners are thinking of selling their property. Others, however, may wait for another “up” in the industry to sell and get maximum profits. Whichever circumstance you encounter, you need a lot of branding and management strategies in successfully marketing ranches for sale:

Be mindful of branding.

Sometimes, you have to go back to the basics when it comes to marketing. For instance, when naming the ranch, it has to give prospective buyers an idea of what it produces or what they can expect from it. It can’t be too personalized or unique, as it may throw off the buyers, but it can’t be too generic either for the same reason.

In creating the name of your property (and in describing it on listings), you need to have a specific target audience in mind. Will you appeal to fellow cowboys who are looking for lucrative businesses? Will you find investors who want to retire in a ranch and use it for leisure, aside from using it as a financial asset? Picture that prospective buyer, and aim your branding toward him/her.

Manage the ranch for profitability.

Of course, the best trait of a property would be its profitability. You can set high asking prices even if it’s not the biggest property or the most beautiful land, but only if the buyer can appreciate the advantages of purchasing your property over others. Do you have a large, healthy herd or an expansive land for grazing or even planting crops? Does property include a stream for fly fishing or an area where wildlife thrives for recreational purposes? These are the points you can discuss with experts like Mirr Ranch Group, who can help you manage a more profitable ranch for sale and make the most out of selling it.

(Source: The cattle market found its bottom; where to from here?, BEEF)


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