Oregon Ranches for Sale: Value of a Good Business Plan before Purchase

Portland-based land conservancy group Western Rivers Conservancy recently bought a large ranch along the John Day River with plans to sell it to the Bureau of Land Management—a transaction which could open up public access to a remote yet scenic part of the Oregon state. It’s the group’s second large-ranch purchase, after it bought Murtha Ranch at Cottonwood Canyon in 2008.

Western Rivers Conservancy

President Sue Doroff can’t tell for sure when the land will be conveyed to the BLM, but she mentions that it may take three to five years, based on past experience. The group expects BLM to develop a public access plan for the area once it is sold.

Based on the information above, it’s clear that the Western Rivers Conservancy has a well-defined business plan on how the newly purchased ranch will be developed. This is something that any potential buyer of Oregon ranches for sale must have intact before proceeding with the purchase.

Ingredients of a Good Business Plan

A good business plan includes identifying three things: the mission and vision for the planned ranch purchase, the ranch’s most notable characteristics, and the estimated operational expenses. If you’re planning to use your ranch for the production of livestock, then you need to identify production goals and capabilities as well. Likewise, you need to include a list of the necessary infrastructure, equipment, facilities, and personnel.

Benefits of a Good Business Plan

A business plan will inform you if the ranch you’re looking at has the capacity to produce your expected performance. It will also allow you to evaluate and compare ranches so you could decide which one is best suited for your needs. You can use the evaluation and comparison results to estimate costs of the necessary improvements and renovations to determine the particular value of each candidate property.

Evaluating a Ranch Land

Get to know more about the area in and around your prospective ranch. Identify the area’s stocking rate—you can ask the owner or the ranch estate broker about this. Likewise, determine if fertilization and reseeding are required for pasture restoration. Restoration costs should be considered before purchasing the ranch land; as such expenses could lower a property’s value.

If you need help and guidance with a ranch purchase, including the creation of a good business plan for your future enterprise, contact trusted brokers of ranches for sale in Oregon like Mirr Ranch Group.

(Source: Western Rivers Conservancy buys another John Day River ranch; future public access possible, OregonLive.com, Jan. 7, 2015)


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