Tips to Preserve Cow and Cattle Health in Ranches for Sale in Colorado

Colorado’s agriculture industry is highly diverse. As seen in the last USDA Census of Agriculture (2012), the combined livestock and crops sectors in the state have sold nearly 7.8 billion dollars’ worth of commodities. The sales of sheep, goats, and products from them like wool and milk, and the production of sunflower seeds, potatoes, cabbage, peaches, and apples have all contributed immensely to the trend.

Colorado’s Cattle Country

On top of them all, the number one commodity of The Centennial State is cattle. More than 2.6 million cattle or $4.3 billion dollars’ worth of sales, to be exact, have been the highlight of the region’s agriculture industry in 2012. With this in mind, any entrepreneur or farmer can truly find lucrative business when he/she purchases cattle ranches for sale in Colorado.

Of course, one would still need to employ best practices in cattle management to sustain the production and sales from the livestock. The rancher must be able to satisfy the most basic needs of calves and adult cattle alike. Perhaps the most important aspect in cattle management that the rancher should study and invest in is the health of the calves and cows.

Monitoring the Calving Pairs

Protecting the health of the cattle should start even before they are born, and having pre-calving vaccines administered to pregnant cows is one way to do that. After delivery, you have to observe if the cow-calf pairs are feeding and acting as they should. The cow should be nursing, and the calf should be suckling, especially right after birth. The colostrum or the first milk from the mother cow at that time is rich in immunity boosters, so it’s important for the calf to consume enough of it.

You should also be on the lookout for sick nursing cows or calves to have them quarantined or treated appropriately. As for feeding, make sure they have ample nutritious forage and clean water. Check with a nutritionist or veterinarian if the cattle also need other supplementation.

Ensuring Their Comfort

Aside from preserving their shelter as a clean, dry, and warm space, you need to ensure the adequacy of the bedding and ventilation in their shelter. Likewise, you have to modify the setup when the weather changes or when other factors arise (e.g. sick calves that need to be separated). The spacious ranches in Colorado for sale, such as those in the listings of Mirr Ranch Group, would have the space and the grazing area that your cattle needs.

(Source: Counting Colorado’s Cattle Country, USDA)


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