Ranches for Sale in Oregon Offer More than Just the Obvious Rewards

A ranch between Redmond and Bend is scheduled to open by the end of summer, raising cattle and growing various produce. However, it also serves a tertiary purpose: healing for veterans.

Ranch taking root to help High Desert veterans heal KTVZ, March 17, 2015

The Central Oregon Veterans Ranch is currently raising $50,000 to cover the purchase of the land and startup costs. If it pushes through, veterans from different generations will have a place to get their minds off their post-war ordeals. The ranch will also double as a retirement home, earning from the fruits of its labor and donating the excess.

Veterans face an assortment of challenges after their tour of duty from a conflict zone. Trauma aside, some find reintegration into modern society difficult, especially in employment. According to the Department of Agriculture (USDA), nearly half of enlisted personnel came from rural areas of the U.S. Retiring without a normal civilian job could cause them intense emotional and psychological pressure.

Ranches and farms contribute to employment opportunities for veterans, as well as provide avenues for recovery. Hundreds of thousands of veterans have taken up farming jobs, which are now facing an aging population. According to a 2014 report by The Des Moines Register, the average age of an American farmer is 58.

Starting up or expanding a ranch or farm may as well be contributing to their reintegration to society. Vast ranches for sale in Oregon, open to nature and all it has to offer, will benefit both owners and workers in multiple ways. However, there are ways ranches can contribute to their welfare other than raising cattle or growing crops.

Many ranches in Oregon such as Six Shooter and Elk Song are close to prominent elk hunting grounds. Psychiatrists have outlined the benefits of hunting for veterans by providing activities that foster teamwork and goal-hunting. Hunting allows veterans to use their skills learned in boot camp and the battlefield, and in the process rejuvenate their interest and enthusiasm about life.

People own and live in ranches for many reasons, but mostly for the love of the outdoors. Living in a ranch offers a kind of sanctuary with its slower and more relaxed pace. In fact, a ranching lifestyle is also considered an ideal workplace for persons with special needs, with its less stressful environment and proximity to nature.

Whatever your objective may be in wanting to buy a ranch, you will not lack the opportunity to find good hands who can benefit from the ranching lifestyle. Look into a good Oregon ranch for sale from property brokers like Mirr Ranch Group, which offers the chance for a close commune with nature befitting such a lifestyle.

(Source: “Ranch taking root to help High Desert veterans heal,” KTVZ, March 17, 2015)


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