Invest in a Utah Ranch for Sale and Make Your Farming Dreams Come True

If you want to be a farmer, then Utah is definitely the place to be. According to Deseret News, sales of locally produced foods are experiencing significant drops all across America, and farms everywhere are growing at a snail’s pace. This seems to be a trend happening nationwide. Everywhere that is, except Utah.

Utah loves its farmers, local goods, Deseret News, March 16, 2015

According to the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, strong gains have been observed in the number of farms in the state, and the revenue they have generated, contrary to the national trend. The latest numbers show that the number of farms in The Beehive State—particularly those that practice direct-to-consumer sales—grew by 18.4 percent, from 1,584 in 2007 to1,875 in 2012. Meanwhile, agricultural sales value rose nearly 58 percent within that same time frame, from $10.1 million to $15.9 million.

Now is indeed a good time to start a farming life in Utah. Talk to a Utah ranch for sale broker and inquire about purchasing the right property that fits with your plans. If this is your first time to venture into farming, discussing your plan with an experienced ranch broker could provide valuable insights. It may also help to discuss the following sustainability techniques:

Crop rotation

Crop rotation involves growing different crops in succession in the same field. Benefits of this practice include the replenishment of soil nutrients and building an adequate defense against pest infestation. The importance of crop rotation should always be an integral part of any discussion about growing crops.

Cover crops

Cover crops allow farmers to have plants growing on their soil at all times, doing away with the issue of having barren land between cropping periods. Apart from that, using appropriate cover crops such as clover, hairy vetch, or oats helps prevent soil erosion, suppresses weed growth, enhances soil quality, and reduces the need for chemicals.

Natural pest predators

Farm staples such as birds, insects, bats, and spiders are natural agricultural pest predators. Harboring a manageable population of these in your farm can be an effective pest control technique. This can significantly reduce the investment you have to spend on chemical pest control methods.

Established brokers of ranches for sale in Utah, such as Mirr Ranch Group, offer farm and ranch consultation services tailored to the location of the property you want to buy. Get in touch with them for help in developing the right plan of action and plotting your next move with regard to fulfilling your dreams of “living off the land”.

(Source: Utah loves its farmers, local goods, Deseret News, March 16, 2015)


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