Ranches for Sale: Your Ranch’s Name is an Integral Part of Your Brand

Ranch owners make naming their properties seem so easy—Skywalker, Neverland, Imperial Stock—these ranch names seem to leap out to you and grab your attention. With so many good names out there, why does it seem so difficult to name your place?

What's In A Name Naming Your Farm Or Ranch, University of California, Nov. 21, 2013

Perhaps it’s for the simple reason that you want to find one that would be just perfect. Unfortunately, inspiration for this seldom comes in an instant. Just ask the composers of country songs like “Drop Kick Me, Jesus, Through the Goalposts of Life,” or “Get Your Biscuits in the Oven and Your Buns in the Bed.”

For sure, you wouldn’t want to name your ranch something silly, lengthy, or difficult to remember—you want it catchy, short, and stylish. Naming your ranch, after all, is the first step to building your ranch’s brand. Should you decide to put your ranch up for sale, its branding will play an important role in attracting a lucrative deal. With that in mind, here are some ranch naming tips for you to consider:

Personalize your farm name

One way to go about this is to connect your property with a specific face. In Wheatland, a farmer named Jim Muck named his ranch “Jim’s Produce.” It’s personal, memorable, and kind of rolls off the tongue. Another affective ranch-naming technique is to associate your ranch with the location or region where your property is located.

What are you selling?

Think about the products you grow on your ranch. Do they sound like they’d be a great addition to your ranch name? A little wordplay or alliteration can make something mundane sound fantastic, like “Tim’s Homegrown Tomatoes” or “Lettuce Lovers Ltd.”

Unleash your inner poet

Sometimes, naming a ranch gives owners a way to show off their lyrical side. A poetic name is not only music to the ears, but may also capture people’s imaginations. Eye-catching phrases like Snow Spring, Mystic Meadows, and Falling Stars sound lyrical, magical, and are a delight to see and hear.

Moving forward

Once you have decided on your ranch’s name, you may then proceed to build your brand around it. You would want people, particularly potential buyers, to immediately have an idea on what makes your property special. Branding is all part of marketing your ranch. While naming your property  is something that you can most likely do on your own, effectively marketing it is a whole new ballgame that requires effective and tested strategies. You’re going to need the involvement of professionals who have an impressive track record in marketing ranches for sale like Mirr Ranch Group. Get in touch with them for help in establishing your ranch’s brand.

(Source: What’s In A Name? Naming Your Farm Or Ranch, University of California, Nov. 21, 2013)


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