Where to Find Wyoming Ranches for Sale with Topnotch Water Quality?

Looking for pristine Wyoming ranches for sale with the best water quality? Then look no further than those located at Jackson Hole. The locale’s water—courtesy of The Aspens Water and Sewer District—recently won in a water taste contest held by the Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems at its annual trade show.

With the win, Aspens Water and Sewer District was able to secure for itself a ticket for the Great American Water Taste Test to be held in Washington, D.C. come February next year. The district’s water last won the award in 2007, where it also got to represent the state in a nationwide conference and got recognized as one of the best water in the country.

Where Jackson Hole’s great-tasting water comes from

The Aspens Water and Sewer District sources its water from four 100-foot-deep groundwater wells that draw about 300,000 gallons a day. According to Ahren Schultheis, the district’s manager, the water is pumped from the ground and delivered to the tap with basically no treatment, although Schultheis emphasizes that the water is “strictly monitored by EPA regulations.” He adds that the high nitrogen and phosphorous content in nearby Fish Creek’s watershed doesn’t affect the drinking water because the wells run very deep—too deep for the surface water to reach.

Use of water in agriculture

Food and agriculture are the world’s biggest water consumers, requiring over a hundred times more than what people use for personal needs. Up to 70 percent of the water sourced from groundwater and rivers goes into irrigation—the remaining 30 percent is used in industry and domestic applications.

For vegetative purposes, plants need to receive water in adequate quantity at the right time. This is because plants have very particular water requirements that rely heavily on local climate conditions. That being said, crop production requires between six and twenty times less than what’s needed for meat production.

Planning your ranch’s water use

Before you purchase an available Wyoming ranch for sale, know that both water sourcing and allocation are going to be two of your major considerations. Feel free to discuss these needs with a ranch broker like Mirr Ranch Group. They can help you set up a water utilization and development plan that benefits your overall ranch operation.


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