Ranches for Sale in Oregon: Tips on Managing an Elk Hunting Business

Many of the sprawling ranches for sale in Oregon are prime properties for elk hunting. With thousands of forest acreage per deed and several freshwater sources like rivers and lakes, these spots have become a refuge for the big game. Investing in an elk hunting ranch offers a profitable opportunity if you turn the property into a recreational hunting ground for everyone interested.

Owners of hunting ranches help in preserving Oregon’s outdoor traditions, and in the process, help in maintaining the state’s economy as well. This is especially true for owners who make a business out of their property and let sportsmen enjoy their hunting opportunities. To keep hunters coming back for more, and to entice new ones, ranch owners can improve their properties and adopt other strategies.
Here are some tips on managing an elk hunting business:

Keeping the Big Game in Their Habitat

This serves two purposes: letting the elk population thrive in their natural environment, and protecting your property. Invest in surrounding your residence, guest lodging, and other private facilities with fencing. It needs to have the proper height, and should be made with durable materials and the appropriate design, preferably installed by professionals. Surround your crops or facilities with plants that elks (and other wild animals) find unpalatable.

Enhancing Your Offers

Be creative in cooking up hunting packages for your target customers by bundling longer hunt days (4, 5, or more) with lodging options. Organize programs for families, duos (father and child or couples), or groups and associations to engage more people in the sport (which would also be in support of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife advocacies). Recommend nearby attractions and other recreational opportunities, such as hunting for other big game, fishing, and wildlife safaris,  that they might be interested in.

Improving Your Hunting Grounds

Watch out for tree infestations, proliferation of invasive weeds that affect the native forage, and depleting watering holes, and fix them right away. Protect your lands from wildfire to make sure the elk have sufficient shelter and foraging areas. These strategies can help in preserving the health and quantity of elks in your grounds, which would make your property more attractive to people who like hunting big game, harvesting the meat, and collecting antlers.

Plan property improvements to promote a healthy elk habitat with ranch management experts like Mirr Ranch Group, who can offer professional advice after you secure a viable Oregon ranch for sale. With vast experience in preparing and selling properties and managing wildlife ranches themselves, the experts in these companies can recommend best practices to keep a thriving hunting business.


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