Ranches for Sale in Wyoming: How to Save Energy on Your Farm or Ranch

Philip Anschutz, one of the richest men in America, with over $12 billion in assets, is seeking to build the nation’s largest wind farm in his Wyoming ranch, a 500-square-mile high-desert expanse. As the owner of the Power Company of Wyoming, Anschutz seeks to generate power with the wind farm and ship it to California—a potentially huge market for renewable energy—via transmission line.

Saving Energy

According to Bill Miller, the power company’s chief executive, the first turbines could begin to spin within 2018 and 2019, with the rest of the project set for completion by 2022. Estimates suggest that once in full operation, the wind farm could potentially generate anywhere between $660 million and $1 billion in annual revenue.

The World’s Growing Need for Energy

Energy is a critical aspect of life on the planet, and its production is key to ensuring that a nation can thrive and support itself. Most of the energy consumed around the world is produced through the burning of fossil fuels. As countries progressed, however, the need for harnessing better energy from renewable sources and conserving it has become even more imperative. This has made Anschutz’s latest investment something to look forward to.

Better Energy Use in Wyoming Farms

Energy efficiency is an integral part of sustainable agriculture. You may not have Philip Anschutz’s gargantuan assets, but there are ways for you to ensure that the ranches for sale you purchase are able to seize good opportunities to save energy and money. The tips below will show you how:

  • Practice irrigation management, precision agriculture, integrated pest management, soil nutrient management, crop residue management, and windbreaks/shelterbelts. These conservation practices contribute to energy efficiency and fuel savings. Likewise, you might want to apply for conservation programs offered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), as they can help you achieve the same results.
  • Seal farm building exteriors to reduce air infiltration and increase insulation capabilities of exterior windows, walls, and doors. Windows, in particular, should be sealed through caulking and weather stripping. Make sure doors and windows are tight-fitting.
  • Look into the possibility of generating wind and solar energy for your own consumption.

Ranches for Sale in Wyoming

If you’re looking for a Wyoming ranch to purchase, contact trusted ranch brokers, like Mirr Ranch Group, which can find you the right ranch property for your needs and help ensure your ranch’s continued success based on your goals.


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