Colorado Ranches for Sale: Profiting from Both Cattle and Wildlife

Colorado Ranches for Sale: Profiting from Both Cattle and Wildlife

A homemade wooden ranch fence made from tree branches lined the
Some people look for a ranch for sale solely for the aim of venturing into cattle farming; others dream of owning a ranch to indulge in their favorite recreation: hunting. Still others want to have the best of both worlds. In fact, more and more ranchers are now realizing the economic benefits of a livestock-wildlife fusion. As ranchers seek to maximize their properties’ income potential, they’re beginning to look at wildlife as more than just a mere source of personal recreation.

A great way to earn income from wildlife is through hunting leases that provide a continuous income stream even when ranchers need to cut back on cow numbers or when they don’t have a lot of calves to sell. It’s basically just giving hunters a key to the gate. For this arrangement to work, however, ranchers need to find ways to incorporate wildlife management into their ranch management plans. Doing so effectively will help cattle and wildlife co-exist not just in a common habitat but as complementary income sources.

Even if livestock is a priority, adequate room must be left for wildlife to thrive. Balancing the animals’ forage demand with forage supply, and ensuring the availability of cover throughout the year, will be crucial to sustainable productivity. To illustrate balance in grass and bush management, let’s use deer, one of the popular games here in Colorado, as an example.

When there is enough cover in the lower areas, deer are likely to roam the land and come out in the open. Their habitat will benefit your herd as well since bush strips can provide shade and additional wind protection in the winter. An added bonus is that more moisture is conserved, paving the way for a glorious spring landscape. Too much cover reduces the ground’s huntability, though, making it less appealing to hunters.

Some ranchers, meanwhile, are concerned about deer competing with their cattle for nutrients. According to a rancher from a neighboring state, the diets of these two animals do overlap but not to a considerable extent. As long as there is adequate food supply for both, competition won’t be an issue. One way to help maintain that balance is to over-seed grasses and forbs for fall and spring and other healthy vegetation for food.

With proper planning, achieving maximum profitability from co-existing livestock and wildlife is possible. If this sort of venture excites you, start by looking into pristine ranches for sale in Colorado such as Flat Rock, Silver Mountain, Sandoval and Seven Diamonds. Local brokers like Mirr Ranch Group can help you through the process of acquiring your cattle-wildlife haven.


Living a ranching dream: creating cattle and wildlife haven,

Can Cattle And Wildlife Coexist?


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