Oregon Ranch for Sale: Tips on Harvesting Timber the Sustainable Way

Oregon Ranch for Sale: Tips on Harvesting Timber the Sustainable Way

Every ranch owner has his own vision of maintaining his property over time. While many ranches for sale in Oregon offer opportunity for farming, cattle raising, and/or recreational pursuits, there are those that also boast of millions of dollars’ worth of marketable timber. If you’re looking to buy a ranch timberland, you also have to be prepared to be a steward of the land, and consider harvesting timber as a means of conserving it. Although cutting down trees for cash sounds purely commercial, through a carefully-managed harvest and a solid regeneration plan, you can promote your woodland’s long term well-being.

Below are three tips for a sustainable timber management:

1. Consult a regional wildlife biologist. These conservation advisers, who work in state and federal natural resources agencies as well as in agricultural extension bureaus, can help you determine how the harvest can affect wildlife in your property and what regeneration methods are advisable to promote the repopulation and growth of certain species. These professionals are highly in-demand so make sure to formulate as many questions as you can discuss during the meeting. Would you like to grow a particular kind of tree for future harvest? Or perhaps, increase the number of games on your property, or provide more habitat for birds in the forested acres? Know what you want first.

2. Create a forest management plan. Your plan should include your goals on matters such as resource benefits, protection, target income, investment, harvest limitations, timber population, reforestation etc.; as well as the means to achieve them. In particular, your harvest plans should deal with post-logging cleanup, which entails erosion control, burning, fence repair, logging slash, and other concerns. Before having your timbers cut down, come up with a long-term plan with the help of a professional forester.

3. Choose a professional logger. Some timber land owners, especially absentee ones or those who don’t practice hands-on management, have fallen prey to unscrupulous loggers who do not only pay short of the products’ market value but who also give little regard to future reforestation, literally raping the land. Finding a licensed and conscientious logging operator is crucial in harvesting and selling your timber, as well as replanting trees.

As a future ranch timberland owner, you can benefit significantly from the cyclical income the trees can provide, in addition to the shelter they give for a more abundant game. By creating conditions for regrowth and sustaining wildlife habitat, you can get the most out of your property. If you’re on the hunt for a ranch for sale here in Oregon with marketable timber, consult with professional brokers from firms like Mirr Ranch Group.

Source: How to Harvest Timber, OregonLoggers.org
Source: Sustainable Timber Management for Homesteaders, MotherEarthNews.com


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