Utah Ranch for Sale: Building Your Own Equine Facility for Business

Utah Ranch for Sale: Building Your Own Equine Facility for Business

Young woman riding a horse, horse riding back.
Expansive and pristine ranches in Utah offer several income generating opportunities for their owners. Depending on the resources available in their property and their interest and skills, owners could grow crops, raise livestock, harvest timber, build a resort etc. Many horse lovers, on the other hand, could teach riding lessons, board horses, host horse camps, or even build their own breeding facility. If you are in the market for ranches for sale in Utah and thinking about starting an equine business, here are some aspects of planning you need to start with.

Choosing a Property
You’ll want a property with a generous number of trails for your horses to roam about. While all ranches have high and low areas, the ideal property for horses is one with rolling landscapes and a good amount of cover. Note that not all parts of a ranch are usable and there may be wetlands you’d have to steer your horses away from when mapping tracks.

Moreover, the area must be easily accessible to veterinarians, farriers, and horse trailers. Narrow, winding trails and sheer drops may mean a nightmare, especially during cold, slippery weathers. It’s a good thing brokers like Mirr Ranch Group can help you find a ranch for sale that is suitable for horse business in Utah.

Building the Facility
The next step is to locate the best area in the ranch to build your horse facility. Below are its four basic components:

1. Shelter. Your horses can’t tolerate the weather all the time. Additionally, there will be horses that must be kept stalled for a certain period of time. You will have to build a barn and a couple of loafing sheds or turnouts.

2. Food storage. Food supplies should be kept safe from pests. You can either create a storage within the stable for convenient feeding or keep the supplies in a separate structure.

3.Fencing. Fence planning is critical to a ranch set-up. It must be built with the right materials, height and design to keep the rowdiest horses in and avoid injury. A well-built fence will also add to your stable’s aesthetic value, which is good for your marketing.

4.Arena. It’s where you train your horses and conduct riding lessons. The arena has to be carefully engineered to avoid problems such as water pooling and base layer damage. You may choose between an outdoor arena and one with an all-weather design.

The love of horses is the foundation of every successful equine facility. With thorough research, smart planning and a good dose of patience, your passion for these majestic animals will be converted into a steady stream of income.


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